Delivering and biometrically validating online training and assessments to protect your employees, students and your own reputation

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Who do we help?

Comprobo is a great platform for any organisation that requires biometric validation of their delegates taking online training or examinations. Delivering your content online has huge advantages, but needing to identify, validate and secure that environment is vital. This is where our facial recognition tech can really shine. Very simply, we capture your delegate’s reference photo from their official ID such as passport and then Comprobo validates this is the person at the computer throughout the assessment, monitoring continuously for a range of misconduct.

Our easy-to-use portal is available for organisations of all sizes including those in healthcare, facilities management, financial services and awarding bodies. Ensuring you can be up and running in minutes.

If you already have your own application or website, no problem – all our functionality can be consumed by API, enabling you to embed this functionality directly into your own existing products and services.

So how does it work for organisations?

  1. Sign up and create your first assessment/training course
  2. Upload your content; pictures, videos and questions
  3. Upload your delegates
  4. Assign assessments to delegates
  5. Monitor the results, knowing all are biometrically assured

What is the delegate experience ?

1 Delegate receives an email invite

2 Follow the link to complete signup

3 Capture reference picture

4 Work through assessment, at their convenience from any device

5 Refer back to the portal at any time for progress and results

Let's talk technical...

All our functionality can be embedded into your application or website and consumed securely via our API. Our development team is on hand throughout the integration process to help your developers undertake this work. We natively support various 3rd parties including ClassMarker and SCORM packages.

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    Company number 08184534